Pressure Washing

What sets Lock 5 Fine Finishes apart from other pressure washing companies?

  1. Our commitment to providing the client with a comfortable contracting experience while improving the value of their space and their quality of life. We work hard to develop quality relationships with our clients, and they are often sad to see us go!
  2. Bill diligently covers anything that shouldn’t get exposed to the cleaner and is sure to give the plants a drink of fresh water, so they aren’t thirsty for the rest of the day. He carefully tidies up the walkways and landscape edges and the entire property gets a makeover!
  3. Streams of water can be destructive in the wrong hands. Bill understands the mechanics of spray equipment better than most and is very careful to use the right nozzle combined with the right PSI in order to keep your surfaces intact.
  4. We are fully insured with both workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

We have an in-depth process that goes far beyond just cleaning the sides of your structures:

  1. During the initial phone interview, the walk-through is scheduled via our software, which sends the client an immediate email confirmation and a verification text the day of the appointment. In the event the client needs to change the appointed time, they are able to click on the link in the email which links back to Lock 5’s calendar and allows them to pick another time slot. We provide a free in-depth color consultation and estimate. Feel free to click on to schedule a free consultation and estimate.
  2. The areas of interest will be measured and photographed, and we will take in-depth notes regarding the client’s questions, comments, and concerns.
  3. Next, we provide a free estimate via email, generally within 24 hours of the walk through, unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as a project in need of product research. Estimates expire 60 days after emailed.
  4. Once a contract has been signed and a deposit placed, the client secures their position on the calendar. As our projects are oftentimes scheduled several months in advance, we will be in intermittent communication during the waiting process and are available 24/7.
  5. The client is contacted about a week in advance of the project to button up final details. This is a good time for clients to move anything out of the spaces in which we will be working for the safety of both us and their belongings. We are available to help move items if needed at the rate of $75/hour.
  6. The day of our arrival it’s all hands on deck! Bill will first map out a spot for equipment, and inspect the water source, as well as re-assess for damages. He will finish moving all the furniture/items of interest that the client thought wouldn’t be in the way. Once complete, Bill sprays down all the surrounding landscaping with water, which helps the plants to not be thirsty and drink the cleaning solution through their stoma.
  7. Bill sprays all requested structures with a chlorine bleach solution and can reach those tall and tucked away places no one else seems to be able to manage. On top of getting to those hard-to-reach places, Bill is sure to clean up all the patios and walkways. It’s important to be experienced at this process, as most exterior surfaces, such as wood trim and vinyl siding, can be easily damaged using the wrong equipment or the wrong PSI.
  8. Finally, we replace anything that we were responsible for moving, and leave the area without evidence of our presence except for that squeaky clean feeling. Payment is due upon completion of the project, and we book pressure washing projects as early as April and as late as November.

Questions & Answers

We can pressure wash up to 3 Stories high.

We use a chlorine solution.

Bill is sure to give all the surrounding landscaping a generous drink so which helps the plants to not be thirsty and drink the cleaning solution through their stoma.

Payment may be received upon completion of services.

The pressure washing season generally runs April – November.

Because of extreme variation in size and scope of preparation needed, every project is different, so it’s incredibly difficult to speculate specific costs. We are happy to look at every single project and give you our objective thoughts. For these reasons, it’s best to schedule an appointment at for a free on-site consultation and estimate.

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